Friday, May 10, 2013

A Drive in Georga

For the last few days it has been Waterfall week on the GA local TV station and we've seen a reporter hit a different waterfall each day.  On todays drive we happen to pass one we saw and stop there for lunch.

We pass this turtle on the way to the falls. There are both a dam and a falls. The picture below is of the falls. It was a 10 minute hike and we still have some distance to drive so we push on.

We make another stop at Indian Mounds National Monument. And checkout the museum and walk around to see the mounds.
They are pretty tall mounds some being up to 10 stories high.
This main ceremonial mound was rebuilt, all but the floor is recreated. The clay floor is original. As you go from the front door around the cirucumference of the room each seat gets a little wider and a little higher than the previous seat.

Finally you get to this eagle shaped top platform were someone special must have sat.
Back on the road we hit a little traffic!
For the rest of the drive we pass many many Pecan farms. My friend Tom's wife told us a funny story about her dad almost getting arrested for picking up pecans from his friends front yard. He had permission but I guess they take their Pecans seriously down here.

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