Tuesday, May 14, 2013

St Petersburg FL

We camped at a FL state park called Little Manatee River. My friend Billie Jo lives near by so she and her family came down to explore the park with us.

We rented canoes and paddled down the river in the park. During our paddle we got to see plenty of turtles and aligators and amazing enough Manatees.

Will got some good video of the Manatees eating leaves, it was pretty amazing.
It was a really fun afternoon, it was great to see Billie Jo again, she and her family had come to boston a few years ago and we had brunch.

We hope to see them again later this summer when they come up to boston again.
Sunday afternoon we hit the local T-dance and met up with two of our friend Tom and James who live in St Petes.

They also gave us a walking tour around the downtown.

We also spend a day at Ft Desoto State park which has an amazing beach.

Had we planned better we could have camped here but they were all booked up. And we might not have canoed with manatees!

We got some more wildlife videos here too. Stingrays kept buzzing passed us as we swam in the ocean.

The white sand here is really nice!

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