Friday, November 13, 2015

Nashville Part I

Although we arrived in the dark and the temperature was very chilly overnight we woke up to a beautiful sunny day.

First we took Tucker for what turned out to be a very long walk when we found a road on the map wasn't public.

After that checked out the replica of the Parthenon and took a walk around the park it was in.

Checking we located a good place for lunch, Arnold's a classic southern Meat and 3.

We got there just in time as a very very long line formed after we arrived.

I had fried cat-fish, collards, mac & cheese and fried green tomatoes for my sides. Will had the same sides with meat loaf.

And of course we each got a piece of pie! It was a lot of food!
After lunch we drove to the downtown entertainment district and walked around. This is there street of bars and clubs.

Each establishment has it's own cool bright sign. If it had been darker I would had take some more photos of them.
With all those drinking places people are bound to have problems with the law!
We walked too and went inside State Capital Building.

People really like these pedal powered pubs. It is clear people come to this city to PARTY!

And to visit the Bails Bondsmen.
Awesome Hot Dog stand... trust me some of these people need to get some food in their stomachs!

We had plenty of time left on our parking so we went into the Honky Tonk bar (3 levels of bar each with it's own live music) and had a beer and listened to some music.

This band on the first floor was great, the other two floors weren't as good.

Time for a rest we ended up walking around 12 miles between Tucker and the visit to the city and my dogs are barking!

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