Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nashville Part II

Right down the road from the campground was the Gaylod Opryland Hotel and Convention Center so we thought we'd check it out. We drove over and found the parking was $26 that is more than we are paying to camp!

We ended up driving back to one of the places across the street from the Opryland and parking for free and walking over.

Inside the hotel they have 4 different attriums of gardens and shops, one even including a boat ride.

We walked them all and it was a bit like being in Vegas except no gambling.

We had parked here next to Cooter's Dukes of Hazzard Museum which I had checked out on Tucker's really long walk from the day before.

This time I had my phone so I took a picture.

We also visited The Hermitage the home of President Andrew Jackson.

On the site he had several homes ranging from the original log cabin (converted to slave housing) a bigger home (which mostly burned down) and a final home which was converted to a museum not too long after he moved out.

In the parking lot was this awesome restored VW Bus!
 On the way home from the Hermitage we went to McKay's Books (Ok is wasn't on the way at all...) an amazing used book and music and dvd and electronics store.

I have never seen so many used books, I finally found the 2 I had been searching for in Asheville.

Then we fell for the Temptation of the McRib my favorite McDonald's sandwich. They were 2 for 5$ and we we did drive through (very rare for us) and ate them with home made salad at the campground.

On one drive someplace I detoured through a patch of green on google maps and happened upon the biggest dog park I have ever seen. Tucker got 2 trips here before we left Nashville. He had a great time although he thought there could be more squirrels and of course a dog park is never as much fun without his buddies Duncan and Charlie!

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