Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boquillas Canyon and more trinkets

So these trinkets are everywhere! At least everywhere near the river where Mexicans can sneak into the USA and leave them. I think they are actually pretty cool and I can't help myself but checkout each display.

They do catch the light in a nice way. Most of them are dessert plants or animals but some have made special Christmas inspired ornaments too.
We are heading to Boquillas Canyon which is near a legit border crossing to Boquillas Mexico. The border crossing isn't always open but it doesn't look too exciting over there, I guess you can wander the tiny villiage buy a beer (and probably trinkets!) and then come home.

Near the canyon there used to be a mine with a big overhead conveyor system to move ore. This was a ore bucket. You can hike along the old tramway but it didn't sound as cool as the canyon.
These holes along the banks of the Rio Grande are where ancient peoples ground nuts and seeds.
 There were also some ancient pictographs on the sides of the river.
This is the actual canyon. It was pretty short and easy hike in. On the way a nice Mexican sung to us from his side of the river and asked us if we wanted to hear a song. He was pretty good actually but that may just be great accoustics of the canyon.
There was no way to the top of the canyon althoug it looked like you'd get a good view. That is Mexico anyway so we be illegally crossing the border.
Here is Will in the canyon. It was fun to explor the canyon. I climbed up into some of those caves you see on the left hand side of the picture. It wasn't easy getting up there but they seemed like a good place to hangout if you were an ancient person.

I didn't see any artifacts but some did seem like they had had fires burning in them in the past.
These people were on a overnight guided paddle up the Rio Grande. This is probably a great way to see more of the canyon. Our trail only went about a mile in before you couldn't go any further without swimming in the chilly water.

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