Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rest of the week in Big Bend!

We spent a few more days in Big Bend and had a great time. One day we did some off-road driving out to an old ruins of a ranch and a hike around some rocks.

Another day we did another hike in the Basin you can see from the panorama and this picture it had pretty nice views. This was The Lost Mine trail, although the "mine" is actually a myth.
Another day in Big Bend we did the dirt loop road which actually was bumpier than some of the off-road trails.

On one side of the loop we visited Santa Elena Canyon which required crossing a large mud flat.

This wasn't much of a hike but was very pretty.
The canyon was pretty fun because everyone's voices echoed around. You couldn't tell if people were in front or behind you.
 After the canyon hike we drove through some more dirt trails and caught sight of some javelinas but I couldn't get the camera out fast enough.

On part of the loop hike you get to see the basin portion of the park which is in the panorama.

If you zoom in you can see where "The Window" hike is right in the middle of this picture.

After a week with no services we pulled into Terlingua right outside the park for a couple nights of electricity and showers.

It was a very unique little town with a great bar with live music and excellent food.

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