Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carlsbad Area Part 1

We are camping at a great state park in Carlsbad the sites are big and there is a lake and a nice walking trail. For Tucker it is tortue as there are bunnies and jack rabbits EVERYWHERE!

One side trip from here was up to Roswell NM to visit the UFO museum. The museum is a bit cheesy and actually a little sad compared to all the TV shows on aliens we've seen before.

The research library is crazy though, thousands of books and reports.
Map of the crash and debris sites, they aren't all that close to Roswell downton and you have to trespass to try and visit them.
Seriously there are lots of crazy documents.

Funny story I almost skipped the research library but the main bathroom was closed so I had to use the library bathroom.
Another side trip was to Mammoth Cave National Park. Amazing you get to visit it without a tour. It is a long long walk and because of the off-season repairs the elevator is closed.

So we had to walk it both up and down and it was a long hike.

There were lots of people walking down I am pretty sure were going to be there all day trying to get back out.
Not as fancy as the previous cave we toured but much much bigger. Over 400 miles of mapped passages and very very large rooms.

We are going to have Chrismas here in Carlsbad and went shopping for groceries where I saw these, I am not sure how you cook them but they seem to be hams with odd fruit sauce sealed in plastic.

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