Sunday, December 13, 2015

On to Big Bend National Park

Will had some work todo and it was too far to get to Big Bend all in one drive so we came to be in Fort Stockton.

It was the biggest town on our route to the park and we thought it was bigger than it turned out to be.

Will got his work done and we survived some extremely windy days.

Tucker got some good walks in their city park.
Around our campground there were some cool metal sculptures. There is also a large metal Fort Stockton sign which was cool but you couldn't get to a good place to take a picture it was really only visible from the highway.

The campground seemed to be a lot of oil workers but it was quiet and there were good stars.

We saw a few shooting stars here as it was the first day of the Gemenids Shower.

Now we've passed the front gate of Big Bend and are driving into the park.

We only have one choice of areas to camp so we head right there.
Actually we have two choices in the same place, we could have services but be camping in a parking lot or camp here in this area with no hookups.

We can run the generator during the day so we choose no hookups and opens space and the view!

We got setup it was nice and warm during the days. However it would drop into the 20's overnight! So the furnace and the batteries were working hard.

But this being the dessert when the sun would rise in the morning it would go from 25 to 60 degrees in less than an half hour.

After we got setup we drove around the park a little to get our bearings.

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