Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bluffton, SC and Savannah, GA

Will's sister lives here in Bluffton SC it is a really pretty area and they live right on the water near Hilton Head Island.

And they have plenty of room for us to pull the trailer and "camp" in their yard! Although something about the super long extension cord we are using is causing the AC to trip the circuit breaker.

We hit a great pizza place in Savannah GA for dinner. Savannah is a cool very walkable city and the weather is great so we enjoy the evening.
There was a wait for the Pizza place so we walked to a beer place with hundreds of beers and grabs some beer. You can walk around with beers so we walk around checking out the city.

There is an Art school here and we think it might be graduation weekend because downtown is packed more than Will's sister Tina have ever seen it before.
 After dinner we hit Leopold's Ice Cream for some delicious ice cream, if you are ever in Savannah check it out it is owned by some famous movie producer. It is all very old school ice cream parlor and also decked out with movie stuff from all the producers movies.

The next day we visited the railway museum in Savannah on our own. All these pictures are from the museum.
We also did a lot more walking around Savanna checking out the water front and other sights.

We toured an old house that a rich man had built a long time ago by an up and coming architect who threw every bell and whistle of the time into the house.

Our tour guide was amazing and it really made the tour fun. It is amazing how much a tour guide and make or break an attraction. I never noticed this until this trip.

I just took a picture of this book to remember to look it up later so I can get it for Will as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

The next day Will's sister and brother in-law have to go to work so we wake up early to say goodbye and then go back to sleep.

Later that morning we packed up the trailer took a dip in the pool and got back on the road!

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