Monday, June 10, 2013

Collonial Williamsburg

Before a trip back in time this colonial had to hit the rest room. I liked the tilework very clever.

After buying tickets and short movie you walk accross a bridge that takes you back in time. As you walk medalions in the pavement tell you how face back you are and what you just lost.. no more cell phone... no more TV... no more electricity.
There is a small working plantation and some farm animals. I wondered if the fence around this bull might also be electrified as I wasn't sure it's colonial construction could really hold him in.

Here was a kitchen in one of the houses. I really enjoyed another kitchen where someone was actually cooking all the old dishes the old way.

Sadly you could taste any of it.
Farmer working the land.
We went to a place kind of like this in NC but we did pay so all we did was walk around, at that place the streets were open to cars. Here they aren't and it makes a big difference to the atmmosphere.

You can just wander around here without paying but you miss out oll the interiors, tours and demonstrations. It wasn't cheap but for a whole day it was worth it
This main governors palace is a recreation but they have drawings and such to it said to be very accurate.

We didnt want to haul our cooler around so we didn't pack lunch today as we normally would. This turned out great because it poured right around lunchtime and it was nice to be in the Tavern with hot food.
 Poor wet sheep!

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