Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Harpers Ferry WV

We were supposed to stop here in Harpers Ferry on the way south but something happened I forget what and we had to skip it.  But here we are we made it anyway, flexibility is the best part of travelling in the Airstream.

Harpers Ferry is a cool little town at the junction of the Potomac and the Shenandoah Rivers. The AT (Appalacian Trail) also runs right through town.
 It is also right on a important rail corridor and a former canal corridor, which is now part of a several hundred mile rail trail.  Riding that whole trail would be a fun bike trip.
It is a really pretty set of views from town.  Part of town is also a National Historic Park with people dressed up in period garb and doing old-y things.
And there is a cool tunnel. Below that tunnel is part of the Canal Bike Trail Corridor. It actually would take us right back to our campground in the next town which is right between the river and the canal bikeway.
 We got to see some more people hiking the AT from Georgia to Maine... some people do it the other order but not nearly as many.

None of them were any of the ones we met in the Smokies. We visited the AT Center where they have a small museum and a lounge for tired hikers to relax and take a break before heading back out to Maine.
Creepy Doll!
With all the rain and flooding levels we've seen on this trip the rivers are extra high and raging away.

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