Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Charleston SC

Will's sister mentioned this old tree we would pass on the way to Charleston. It was a very short drive day and we stopped to see the tree, even know it turned out was down a very bumpy dirt road we weren't sure had anyplace to turn around at the end. It was pouring when we got there but it was lunchtime so we made sandwiches and ate lunch till the deluge stopped.

The tree is about 400-600 years old and pretty cool
Also on the drive we stopped at the only Tea plantation in the USA. We did a your of the plantation and drank a lot of free samples. I also picked up some deep fried peanuts which were BBQ flavored and you eat the whole thing shell and all. They were good but not as good as regular peanuts.

After a relaxing evening at the campground we went out to tour the Yorktown an aircraft carrier. I was here as a kid although my family can't remember eactly when.
Will as a pilot!

The ship is huge and there are 6 walking tours so it takes the better part of an entire day to see.

The barracks!  It must take a long time to get your bearing when you get assigned to a ship like this because there are twisty corridors all over.
 Planes on the deck.
Helicopter on the deck.
Planes with bridge in the background. That bridge was not there last time I was here.
 Will commanding the ship!

There is also a battleship and sub you can walk on.
Many things on the ship seem very old fashioned. I thought I had a picture of the destroyers "analog targeting computer" which was a entire room. Almost any device today probably has more computing power...

We also took a walk around all of downtown Charleston and grabbed a coffee.

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