Saturday, June 15, 2013

Final Stop

Hard to believe but our second long trip is almost over. We are stopping here at  "The Woods" in PA for a few days of relaxing. It is a weekend and we didn't have reservations so we are just in the overflow field with no power or water hookup.  But the weather is perfect to have all the windows open feel a cool breeze come through the trailer. Such a contrast to the Everglades where the AC cranked 24/7.
It is nice to end the trip with a few days relaxing around a pool and taking a dip in the hot tub in the evening.  We stopped here last year on the way home from Alaska too but it was a bit too cold for the pool at the end of Sept.

They showed a movie saturday night but we didn't watch, it is nice setup though.

We did some short walks here and took out a pedal boat for a spin around the pond. Sunday we are driving the scenic route home avoiding the busy roads, it will 300 miles but we will be home so it doesn't really matter what time we get in.

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