Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A hike to the Window.

Big Bend is a big park that is good and bad at the same time. Given we can only camp on one side of it doing any hiking usually requires a decent drive.

Today we drove up to the Chisos Basin to hike to what they call the window.

The Window looks out over the view you see in the distance in this shot.
Th'e window is actually the top of a water fall when there is water running flowing. The Chisos Basin is just that a basin of mountains that funnel their water to a few places like the window.

Lucky for us right now it is dry but you can see how smooth and slippery the rock looks. And the other side of that break in the rocks is a deadly fall over 1000 ft high.

I didnt get that close!

 It was a good first real hike in Big Bend although it really wasn't that long a hike.
A view of some of the mountains that make up the Chisos Basin.

We hungout at the lodge at the Chisos Basin for a while and enjoyed the Wifi as we don't have phone service in most of the park.
Poor Tucker isn't allowed on any of the trails in the National Park which is a bummer but he gets pretty good walks around our large campground and the surrounding roads.

We had this Owl visitor on the tree opposite our camper one day. Other days he hung out on bear boxers or other trees. People were always out taking pictures of him.

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