Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas in Carlsbad!

It is chilly here in Carlsbad but we took Tucker downtown to the dog park and then for a long walk around the river.

After that we setup for a nice late lunch. Starting with some salmon dip and triscuits.
Will brought with us an expensive bottle of wine (> 100$) that a client paid his firm with.

We also made delicious steak for dinner to go with the wine.

It was pretty yummy even if the last two steaks we had left from our 1/2 cow weren't really grilling steaks. We should have cooked them a different way as they weren't as tender as the could have been.
After dinner we went into Puzzle mode to work on our 1000 piece puzzle I had bought at Mammoth Cave.
It was a lot harder than it looked on the package! It too many hours to complete.

As you can see below it was a pretty amazing puzzle comprised of many different Retro National Park Logos.

Tucker got a giant rawhide bone to snack on!

While we had Chocolate Pecan Pie, Gingerbread and Ice Cream!

The next day Tucker managed to help himself to the remain Pecan Pie!

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