Monday, December 14, 2015

Hot Springs, Fossils and Trinkets!

Today we're doing a short hike to some hot springs for a soak.

In the past there was a developed little resort hot spring here but now it just some ruins.
You can actually just walk 1/4 mile to the springs directly but we are doing a loop hike that is about 1.5 miles.

The benefit is some great views of the Rio Grande and a chance to look for fossils!
I can't really take credit for finding this cool fossil, someone else clearly found it and left it in a nice place to be seen on the side of the trail.

I did find a nice little pocket of crystals in this rock.

Very nice leaf fossil!
Here is Will in what is left of the hot springs tub. You can sit down nicely in it and enjoy the 105 degree water.

You can also dip your feet in the Rio Grande to cool off which flows right by the spring.
And of course Mexican Trinkets are available to buy on the honor system for about 5-20 $ depending on what you choose.

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