Saturday, February 6, 2016

Eagle Cliff Mine

A lot of mining was done in the are of Joshua Tree National Park and there are all sort of abandoned mines and mine junk as I like to call it.
 Eagle Cliff Mine was down a fun dirt road and then a decent few mile hike.
In the first picture you could see mine tailing from a real mine shaft which is covered with metal bars.

This was a exploratory shaft that didn't show promise so because it is only 20 or so feet deep doesn't need a cover.
Wind erosion has mad a cool cave under this enormous boulder.

We accidentally hiked too far and missed a turn but it was OK we had a great view.

 But this is what we were really looking for. It is a miner's cabin built between the mountain and huge boulder.  It is full of cool artifacts from the mining days.
 Mine Junk!

Also fun on this hike we talked with 3 older gentlemen who proclaimed to have escaped from the asylum (Old folks community) for the day to go hiking. They were really funny and stoned.
I swiped this picture from google of a view of the main wall of the miner's cabin. It is a lot more overgrown today and I couldn't get a good picture.

This cabin is legit to visit but there are lots of mine's and secret places in the park that are left of the maps because they don't want people to visit.  You can read about them if you visit a website of a guy who has found many of them and written about them.

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