Monday, February 1, 2016

Time to turn around!

Our week in San Diego has been great, it ended with a bit of weather which put a damper on Sunday-Funday but we still managed to have good time.

Tucker will be sad to leave Bunny Heaven Campground. He's been fixated watching them through the windows.

Below is a shot of the city from Coronado.

Another groovy Art-van. This one was near the pier with the Ballast Point Tasting room.

This Fox visited our campground on a daily basis.

Now it is time to turn around and start heading back east. There is a still a lot more of the Southwest we haven't seen. It has been almost 3 months of travelling to get here.

Our route home will be similiar to the route out as the weather is still kind of chilly to hit the northern half of the southwest.

We still have a bunch of touring to do so it won't just be a quick cruise home. We will probably be on the road at least another month.

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