Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Very Large Array

After getting the truck fixed (it took an extra day to get a part they didn't have) we were off and on the road again. We stopped for a night in Datil at a 5$ BLM Campground. We only had one other camper a guy on a motorcycle.
 It was a really nice campground actually although it had no services and only a self serve pay station (It has a camp host once the season starts but that is in a month or so.).

We scrounged wood and had a campfire one of very few we've had this trip.
In the morning we did a nice 3.5 mile loop hike from the campground, Tucker was happy to stretch his legs and be off leash after a few too many days in cities.

We did lose him for a bit when he went coyote ugly chasing a rabbit barking and yipping for about 15 minutes.
 Just a quick drive from Datil is the Vary Large Array a giant radio telescope in the middle of no-where.

Of course that is on purpose to prevent any contamination from other radio signals.
 They have a good movie and self guided tour plus a small museum. It is really cool when you see them all move to point at something new almost creepy.
 After all our touring we ate some lunch and got back on the road.

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