Monday, September 5, 2011

Taughannock Falls

We decided to hike Taughannock Falls in Ulysses, NY. It was a nice hike, not real strenuous but lots to observe.

There hadn't been much rain (more was coming soon...) so the falls and the river were basically at a trickle.

You can look up the falls on Youtube and find amazing videos that show the falls with 100x the flow we got to see.

You can imagine water gushing over those falls instead of just the single stream.

There were some hawks flying around the top of the falls. Too far up to really get a good picture.

We did about the biggest loop you could do and it took a bit longer than expected. 

Lunch was waiting in the truck and that is exactly where we ate it! If we hadn't been so hungry we would have found a nice place to eat.

After lunch we headed to Ithaca, NY to a popular swimming hole and then to get some Ice Cream!

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