Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thunder of Niagara Airshow

I think I already mentioned one of the best things about travelling in the Airstream is the freedom and spontaneity. We extended this trip to catch the Thunder of Niagara Airshow. I haven't been to a good airshow in  about 12 years and it doesn't disappoint. Our campground is so close to the Airfield that we have been treated to a lot of flyovers already.
It is also so close we decide to ride our bikes over to the show instead of driving. This turns out to be very important as the traffic backup is long and slow. And the only entrance to the Airfield is on the complete opposite end.

 It is a really nice day for the show, the sun is out and the sky is clear. After having a lot of rain on this trip we are really happy to be out in the sun.

I have always loved this "plane" even before it really existed when it would be on the cover of Popular Science Magazine.

We talk to a pilot about it and he loves flying it and tells us it gets a bad reputation for being hard to fly. (and crashing)

There are a lot of heavy lifters at the show, they are amazing, the cargo areas are the size of football field.

Almost all the planes are open to get in and look around and stuffed with people to tell you about them.

The main in-air attraction today is the Thunderbirds, they are all lined up and ready to go!

We see a B-52, a B-2 Stealth Bomber (Which one of the strangest looking planes in the sky) and the B-1 Bomber.

They are all part of the first part of the in-air shows and a 911 tribute.

After this part of the show is over we realized it is getting late and we ride back to the trailer and finish hitching up for the first part of the ride home.

I know we haven't seen the main show yet. Don't worry we have it all planned out.

We pull out of the campground and head past the airfield and park the trailer in the back of Bowling Alley and walk a bit down to a Church parking lot that has a good viewing spot.

Sadly some kids start following us around and it eventually drives us nuts and we walk a little farther to an even better viewing spot!

After the show is over we are actually in great shape to get back on the road after a stop for gas and coffee and donuts at Tim Hortons. The sour-cream donuts there are awesome.

Close up of one of the Thunderbirds planes, these are F-16s

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