Monday, September 5, 2011

Watkins Glen and more rain.

Did I mention it has been raining a lot? It has, we are still at Back Acres Campground and the rain doesn't help brighten the sad campground at all.

We are dog sitting so we have 2 (often wet) dogs in the trailer, and they make a big mess.  But they are having a lot of fun.

Our plan today is to hike Watkins Glen State Park, it is all gushing water and waterfalls so it really doesn't matter that it is raining anyway.

I made blueberry scones for breakfast.  Our trailer has a combination convection oven and microwave. I have to be really careful as it cooks much differently than a regular oven.

You can ask the chocolate chip cookies I turned into charcoal on a earlier trip.

I didn't even realize there was a park here, I thought it was just the racetrack that I know from playing Pole Position in the arcade.

It is a pretty cool park, we "hike" the whole thing from end to end, it isn't really hiking as most of it is paved or stone paths.

I love how the water has worn away the rocks. The water is really moving and the layered rocks here are really easy to break off. So it isn't hard to imagine how the river formed all these cool formations.

This is one of a several waterfalls you can walk behind.

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