Friday, July 28, 2017

Craters of the Moon NP

 Craters of the Moon is really cool, it is a very recent at least in geological terms lava flow and eruption.

These awesome flowers don't seem to mine growing in volcanic debris.

While hanging out here we caught up with "Wild Bill" and his 2 dogs Owen and Glacier.  We did a few hikes and also drove out to see one of the first nuclear nuclear power plants.

Aaaah here is a Jeep Scrambler Pickup one of my dream old cars!
 My first tech job was at the Foxboro corp where I wrote the embedded software for some devices that measured the flow of materials. This is a old old predecessor of the meters I worked on.

 Checkout these wild trail description signs! They give you so much detail you almost can skip hiking the trail entirely.

Never seen any like it at any other park. But they seemed brand new.

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