Monday, July 17, 2017

Rockey Mountain NP 2nd Part

The main road through the park is also very scenic. It is crazy twisty and very high. Some of the cliffs you drive along really made me nervous.

Add that to the crowds of people driving and it made for a stressful but pretty drvie.

Today we are setting off on another long hike also starting at Bear Lake where started the first hike.

Today however we parked at the shuttle bus and took it to Bear Lake as we are hiking clear across almost back to our campground and not doing a round trip.

 This hike is very different than the last. Instead of going up to a peak we are going up a lot but through some rugged terrain to see 2 mountain lakes.
Although we aren't gaining as much altitude the trail is pretty rough in spots and it was still high enough for there to be some snow.
 The lakes were very pretty. Some people hike up here to fish or camp overnight.
We ate our lunch overlooking the lake with this little fellow offering to help us out.

This is a very popular lunch spot I guess. You can hike here up from our destination in just a couple miles. (We only have a couple miles left!)  The rest of the hike went by a couple waterfalls and ended up being around 10 miles too.  The shuttle had good timing and picked us up about 10 minutes after we finished just as some rain was coming through.

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