Friday, July 7, 2017

Valley View Hot Springs

The next few days we spent at Valley View Hot Springs.

The name is very accurate as our site is up on a mountainside overlooking the valley.

It was a bit bumpy on the 7 mile washboard dirt road, the trailer was mostly intact when we got settled. Just a few things had shifted during travel.

 Valley views is a bit of a throwback hippie commune kind of place.  They have several natural and man made soaking pools all fed by the hot springs.

The view really is amazing!
 Part of the land trust that the springs are on is an old mine and what is left of the mining town.

We took a guided hike up there in the evening.  At a certain time in the evening thousands of bats are going to come streaming out of a cave. And they will all fly down to the valley to feed on the bugs over the farms.
 While we wait at the cave entrance for the bats Tucker is frozen watching some deer wander around the hills.

The bat show was pretty amazing, I have a video that came out OK. I've never seen the bats in Austin TX but I think this is a mini version. Except we're on a beautiful mountain over a valley instead of a city.

One of the many pools at Valley View, I think this one was pretty hot, they all vary in temperature.

If you put in a little effort there are 3 pools even farther up the mountain which aren't very deep but have amazing views.

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