Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dinosaur National Monument

After checking in at the visitor center we stopped to talked to a ranger and he gave us the info on where some good BLM Free camping existed.

We were a bit low on gas so we drove to town and filled up before finding a nice quiet spot in the middle of nowhere.
 Quiet at least until the cows came and moo'd very loudly!

Tucker really really wanted to get out there and play with Bessie and he friends.

 We spent a whole day doing some 4x4 driving around searching for fossils and jasper with some success.  One trail I had read about ended up being too rough to explore without a second truck around in case we got stuck.

We also drove the park road and checked out where a forest fire had been. We actually saw the lightning strike and the fire start the night we arrived. It was a pretty small fire as a thunderstorm dumped some good rain to put it out.

 The Dinosaur National Monument is a big place, but most of it is just beautiful mountains and canyons.  One small section is however full of bones.

This building covers one of the major strikes of dinosaur bone gold.
The hillside here (although it wasn't a hillside that is just from the excavation of bones) is still jam packed with bones. Thousands of poor dead dinos much have ended up here.

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