Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rocky Mountain NP 1st half

After several attempts we lucked out and managed to get a cancellation at a campground inside of Rocky Mount NP.

This was really great not only because the campground is nice and has great views but also because there are often long lines just to get into the park.
 We woke up nice and early one day and drove out to Bear Lake (Parking fills by 8 am! This place is insanely crowded).

We are going to hike up to Hallet Peak.

 At the first overlook of the day only a couple miles in we still look fresh as a daisy.

The view is down to a lake below and of the snow capped mountains.

 As we get higher and above the tree-line there are lots of critters like this Pika!
 We are getting up there!  The views continue to be stunning! It is a shame this park is so crowded and that so few of the crowds bother to hike to see these views!

 The big panorama is from the top of Hallet Peak. We actually planned only to hike to the peak below it but it wasn't much further or higher (700 more feet up) so Will convinced me to do it.

Totally worth it.
 Colorado Columbine the State Flower it and a lot of other wild flowers are in bloom.

There were also a lot of Marmots hanging about in the rocks.

Overall it was pretty rewarding 10 mile hike.

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