Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Around Amarillo TX

 At the Jack Sizemore RV dealer there is a cool RV museum of sorts.

This is a very very old Airstream.
 Slightly newer Airstream!

 Interior of another old trailer.
 It is pretty cool that they have all these old model trailers and RVs.

They also had some old motorcycles and gas station antiques.
You can go in and explore almost all the campers.

They also had some vintage camping equipment which was pretty cool.
 This VW was in pretty sad shape in the interior.

 The newest Airstream they had. A fiberglass Argosy model.

We actually saw one of these all restored camping next to us in Atlanta.
We stopped for a quick bite at a Carl's Jr so I could fulfill my Sante Fe Chicken Sandwich needs.

It is still the best fast food chicken sandwich I've ever had.

We also HAD to stop at Cadillac Ranch.  It had been moved since the last time I drove through over 20 years ago.

Although people offered us their leftover cans of paint we didn't do any painting.

The paint is already inches thick in some places.  

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