Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bandelier National Monument

For a short time about 400 years starting around 1150 CE the Ancestral Pueblo People built a city here.

For some reason they didn't stay long but what they built is pretty cool.
 It looks like an inviting enough place to live. Although there isn't that much water running down the valley.
 Part of the city is built on the flat of the valley and some is built on and up the cliffs.
 We kind of had to rush through the hike because you have to take a shuttle bus here and we don't have all day before the last bus leaves.
 Closer view of dwellings built on the cliffs.
 Up to highest point on our hike through the dwellings.
 I forget how high but I want to say 700+ steps up a combination of stairs and traditional ladders.
I know I am not supposed to look down as I hate heights but I did!

Actually the ladders weren't too bad at all. You just look at the rock ahead of you and forget you are going up up up.

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