Thursday, June 15, 2017

On to New Mexico

This cat hung out with us in Amarillo often beating the heat in the shade of our trailer.

It drove Tucker NUTS.
 The road to NM is pretty empty with not much scenery.
 They do have a nice gate as you enter the state.

 We saw this older airstream on our travels.
We made a stop for lunch in Santa Rosa NM because it is also where this swimming hole it.

It is a deep spring fed pool. For 5$ parking we got to take a dip in it's freezing cold water.

At 61 degrees we didn't stay in very long. It was like the ocean water on the cape in early summer.

It was a popular place and you could jump from the upper deck. Will took the plunge and I took a video of him.
Sadly our second turn away in a row meant we couldn't get into the country campground in Bernalillo we wanted till the next day.

Instead we spent one night at the KOA nearby. 

Lucky for us you could walk right to this brewery from the KOA property. Just through one gate and through some chickens and there was beer, music and food.

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