Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Little River Canyon National Preserve

Little River Canyon National Preserve is a cool little park. Hardly anyone goes here it seems.

It is a big canyon in Alabama, I had no idea there were ANY canyons of this size anywhere in the east.

It has a nice scenic drive and some short hiking trails.
 Little River Falls are probably the only part of the park most people would see and it right off the local highway.
 Mushroom Rock is on the scenic drive and is actually smack in the middle of it.

 Mushroom rock in profile.

Some of the scenic drive isn't that scenic. You can see across the Canyon to where people have private land and big houses that have great views of the canyon.

There are a number of nice overlooks and picnic areas along the road which make up for the dull parts of the scenic drive.
 At the end of the scenic drive is a nice park where we had lunch. It is the only part of the park where they charge. Normally you could swim in the river here but there has been so much rain it is flooded and way too dangerous.

A nice ranger came and talked to us as we ate lunch in the truck and made sure we weren't thinking of taking a dip.

We didn't swim just took a nice hike along the river.

The next morning for the first time this trip I baked some blueberry scones. It was a little hodgepodge of what ingredients I had in the trailer but they came out good.

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