Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On to Santa Fe and Lake Peak

Before we left Albuquerque we took the gondola to the top of Sandia Peak. You get a great view of the city. Some hikers had hiked up to the top which sounded like a hard climb specially in the heat.

After leaving ABQ we headed to Santa Fe. We are doing out first big hike up to Lake Peak.
 The hike starts at a ski area but oddly you almost never see any slopes on the hike up.

This is our first big hike at altitude so we feel like we are going slow and hard.

 The hike is basically up up and more up.

The eventual peak is over 12K feet. for the most part the trail is pretty smooth.

Even late into June there were still some large patches of snow under the cover of the trees. But it wasn't too deep or steep so crossing them were fine.

In this picture you can see the lake of lake peak.

 Most of top of the trail was above tree-line. The views were really amazing.
 Getting to the actual peak of Lake Peak was a little rough.

There were 2 ways to get over there. One was very exposed, rocky and narrow. The other dipped down a bit and was a little easier.

Seeing as this was the rare hike Tucker was allowed on we took the easier way. He has a way of de-stabilizing the person holding his leash and we didn't need to make the hike any harder.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the peak and took pictures before heading back down.

For our first hike at altitude it went pretty smoothly. I don't think we felt any altitude related issues.

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