Monday, June 5, 2017

Here we go heading into Atlanta on 85 a rare time where we on the interstate instead of smaller roads.

Of course we usually aren't heading into a big city like Atlanta. But we are going to visit some friends here.
 We got a great camp site in the most quiet loop at Stone Mountain.  Nice to have camping so close to a major city. And actually nice camping too.

We spend a great evening hanging out with Ben and George and the dogs. Sadly we didn't take any pictures while seeing them.  It was good to see their new house and catch up.

We also hit a great dinner place and ice cream. And got recommendations for this Doughnut Place where we had breakfast the next day.
 There was some sort of mix up with the order as they were out of at least one of the types we orded and somehow that ended us up with an extra doughnut to split!

 After stuffing our faces with doughnuts we hit the Delta Air Museum.

It was a pretty cool especially all the old air memorabilia.

 They had several airplanes you could walk through both inside the terminal and outside in the parking lot.
It was a fun museum and a very hot day!  We high tailed it to the nearest Starbucks for ice coffees!

The next day we went for hike with my High School friend Tom and his family. We stopped thru to visit them once before on a trip to FL.

We took the dog on a nice hike with them to the river in the picture above.

After we had some beers and lunch at Lucky's a very dog friendly place.
Here is a picture of all of us on the hike. We also took a walk around some little town of shops and got some ice cream!

Visiting people is never good for the waistline but it is great for the soul!

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