Saturday, May 18, 2013

Everglades Part 1

Summer is Florida's off season, no where is this more true than the Everglades. After arriving here we didn't even have to pay to get in the park because it was off season. When we made it through the park to the Flamingo Camping area it was practically abandoned. All but 12 of some 100 or so sites that had electricity were open plus a field for tenting and one single bathroom/shower house.
At the Flamingo there is a dock where you can rent a house boat how cool is that!

Mostly people are using it to go out fishing.

It is a really nice area and being right on the water there is a breeze and some shade where we relaxed drank beer and ate peanuts.
 Our only sighting of a Salty, an ocean croc!
I managed to find a few downed coconuts and broke them open with a big rock "Survivor Style" it isn't as easy as you would think.

I grilled the cocount along with some pineapple and hamburgers.  It was a really good meal!

 Although everyone else is fishing we are going for hike.

This turned out to be less than fun as the bugs were terrible.

Even covered in bug spray the hike was pretty terrible.
This the only picture I stopped to take as any stopping lead to more bugs!
Luckily at the end of the hike we ended up on a board walk on the water and there was a breeze and no bugs.

We hungout for a while and rested, you can see how sweaty and sticky we look from the sun screen and bug spray.  Yuk!

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