Thursday, May 2, 2013

More hiking on the AT.

Today we started at almost the same place as yesterday. Technically we started in Newfound Gap which is about at the bottom of the road to Clingman's Dome.

Here a sign shows how much of the trail is left till it end in Maine.

Today's hike is only about 8 miles round-trip.
We are hiking to Charlie's Bunion and back to the gap.  It is a long but not steep walk up to a bald then a quick down to the bunion.

Something odd was up with my camera this day and all the pictures came out exposed funny. I did my best to correct them but they still look odd.

It was a very cloudy day and almost a bit chilly.

Will doing his best impression of a Janaese tourist... He is saying "I'm flying".
 Now he is just contemplating the view.
It is another out and back hike, but since it was mostly up on the way out the back was mostly down!

 After the hike we tried to head back to Cherokee to the Casino to have dessert at Paula Dean's restaurant but it was closed...

An exhaustive search of cherokee yielded almost no place with dessert. Sadly we ended up at The Little Princess Restaurant and Buffet where they had Pecan or Vinegar Pie. Not knowing what Vinegar Pie was we had the pecan which was blah.

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