Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some time in Georgia

After two fairly strenuous hikes we stopped for a couple nights at a campground in TN with a pool and relaxed. It rained a bit during that time but we managed to chill out by the pool a bit before heading to Georgia.

In Georgia we stayed at a C.O.E. Park which is a campground built by the Army Core of Engineers. Their parks tend to be really nice and spacious and often on lakes like this one.  There was another airstream in the park with us.
Pretty muche every site in this park is on Lake Lanier which is a man made lake. We barely even have neighbors and the site is humungous.

However the rain continues to dog us and the lake rises in what is now an all too familiar maner.

You can see a lot of the shoreline is flooded and we hear the lake hasn't been this high in many years.

We spend a day shopping and such and eventually spend the evening at a friend of mine from High School.  It is good to see Tom and his family whom we haven't seen in I think 8 years or so.

Finally the rain lets up enough to have some fun outside. We head to Atlanta to Stone Mountain and hike up to the top.  After enjoying the view from the top we walk around the entire park which is actually pretty far.

This big carving is dedicated to some people from the civil war and was done by the same guy that did Mt Rushmore.

Tomorrow we are heading farther south but probably just for a Walmart overnight someplace in GA as FL is too far away.

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