Friday, May 31, 2013

St Augustine Area

What a cool VW, I couldn't imagine a cooler surf wagon.  We are in St Augustine the oldest continously settled place in North America.

We are actually staying in a state park out on St Augustine Beach which is an island off of St Augustine. The camping is a short walk to the beach and the beach is really nice. We spent a day just hanging out there swimming and catching some sun.
We also visited the city and this Fort which is pretty cool.

Our timing was perfect and we stepped right into a canon demonstration.
The view from the fort is pretty nice. This fort the Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonary fort in the continental US.

It is constructed of coquina which is a soft shell/limestone material. The soft material is actually said to be better than other stones because it absorbs the impact of canons.
They have lots of canons of various ages, as the fort was occupied and controlled by the French, the British and America over its life.

You can see the walls are very thick.
The sundial was keeping very accurate time as we ate lunch although they hadn't adjusted the sun for daylight savings time.
As we walked around town we found some other bostonians!
There are a lot of cool old buildings around the town. You don't see much old anything in Florida so it a welcome change.

A replica Galeon was in port so we went out and toured the the ship. It is pretty amazing with miles and miles of old fashion rigging. They sail this thing all over globe.

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