Friday, May 24, 2013


We are spending the next few nights at a campground in Fort Lauderdale.

There are a bunch of people we know here we are going to visit with and some of our mail has been forwarded by my parents to one of their houses which is easier than having it sent to a Post Office to pickup.

Today we hit Miami to see the Art Deco section. And found more hot cats!
This weekend in Miami is some special "Urban" weekend when people come from all over to get crazy drunk and get into fights. We are lucky it is only just barely beginning on today.

Last year this weekend involved over 400 arrests. And in prior years people have even been shot and killed.

Anyway barricades and street closures that are there to curb violence made it impossible to park.
We parked pretty far away and walked to the Art Deco section and checked it out.

The building are pretty cool and actually the closed streets meant we got to see them without cars parked out front.
The entire stretch along Miami Beach is full of cafe's and shops. After deciding to to eat lunch here we searched out one that wasn't pumping out loud obnoxious music (hopefully this was an artifact of "urban" weekend).

Eventually we found a nice eurpoean style cafe and had a good lunch. I had Gazpacho and some fried shrimp it was tasty.  

Still the heat got to us and we didn't spend too much time down in Miami. We wanted to beach the friday evening commuter traffic.

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