Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mt Meyers part 1

Our next stop is the Ft Meyers area.  We found another of Florida's great state parks to stay at.

This isn't a picture of the campground just of a beach someplace I can't remember where.

It actually has been a longtime since I took the picture but I am finally getting around to doing these posts.
We stopped for coffee at an Airstream Coffee shop!
We checked out the beach at Ft Meyers and hungout for a while (and a few tropical drinks) in the touristy part of town.

We watched people fish off the pier and actually saw people catching a good number of fish.
 Random flower someplace.
Our site at the campground has a lime tree or maybe it is some other kind of citrus.
And a mango tree too! I managed to snag a mango off the tree and ate it about a week later when it ripened up.

And a lot of bunnies!

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