Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ft Meyers Part 2 Edison and Ford Estates

Today we toured the Thomas Edison and Ford Winter Estates. The two were nieghbors and not by accident.

Edison bought his watefront spread first and did a lot of research here.

Ford moved in later next door and the two collaborated on a lot of inventions.
The gardens around the estate are filled with fruits and signs are all over to beware falling mangos.

Edison did a lot work trying to find sources of natural rubber. The tree above is a giant bayobab tree it is really cool. We ate our lunch under part of its sprawling canopy which spans 3/4 of an acre.
Both homes are pretty modest homes with a lot of outdoor space to take advantage of being in florida over the winters when the familys spent most of the time down here.
Could you get rubber from this?

Cool Flowers.
More flowers..
 Even more flower.

The picture above is Edison's Lab here. To left is a really cool Staghorn Fern hanging by a wire from a high tree branch.
Cool Edison inspired windows on the rest rooms.

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