Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Auriol Hike (Kluane National Park)

Today's hike is flatter but longer than yesterday. We thought we might see some Moose but we didn't. At some point we talked to two hikers that turned around because they said the trail was flooding, we decided they were wimps even before seeing the trail.

This was the flooded section it was rushing water but not deep enough to be dangerous.
The picture above it the trail... where as this is a stream we are crossing. Water was higher where the trail actually crossed but we found this old off kilter bridge that was supposed to be closed.

It was plenty stable and I made Will joke around like it was collapsing under him.

We did do the bridge one person at a time just in case.
Tiny Sub-alpine flowers!
More tiny flowers.

We saw so much animal scat but not a single animal except some kind of grouse or ptarmigan.

The view was still good from the higher points on the hike even if it wasn't really a mountain.

The hike was a good 2nd hike we were tired but not too tired.

Tomorrow we drive to Destruction Bay for a couple of nights to do another hike. My legs can use the day off. Will and I have done 3 hikes in 4 days.

Haines Junction is a sad little place, not a single grocery store (the last food / gift shop was closed).  There is great Bakery and the Frosty Freeze and a gas station, each of these places has at least a tiny amount of groceries and 4 or 5 items of produce.

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