Monday, June 18, 2012

Muncho Lake to Watson Lake

Today was mostly a drive day but up here in British Columbia that means wildlife viewing. Sometimes you have to have a keen eye to spot the animals.

Bears seem to love to eat the Dandelions that grow on the roadside. They eat a patch and then stand up and flop a foot or two in one direction and keep eating.
This is the little guys above mom. They don't look dangerous at all but then again I am sitting in my truck every time I take these pictures.
Here is another dangerous beast who is happy to get out of the car for a short hike. So were we even if this is a very short drive day.
The 15 minute hike lead to a set of waterfalls that went through a pretty deep canyon. There were some measurement devices in the river that slightly ruined the view of the main falls.
.Although we have had some encounters with the Bison these guys were totally different. They herd here was galloping up the highway with us at a pretty alarming rate.

I was worried when we passed them they might turn left and decide to cross the road at any moment
This little cub took his chances running right across the road! Luckily that red car you can see was pulled over to watch and not moving.
After pulling into Watson Lake a pretty small town we went directly to the visitor center.  At which is the towns biggest attraction the Sign Post Forest.  At current count there are over 71,000 sign all brought by different travelers coming through the town.

Had we known ahead of time we might have brought one!
After looking and looking at the signed we couldn't find one from Malden, MA where we are from but found this one from our neighboring town of Melrose MA.

Here are some more towns from MA. Some signs are really cool others more simple. You actually can get a board and make a sign at the visitors center if you wish.

Some peoples signs had multiple years lists of all the trips they too to Alaska.

We pulled into a fairly parking lot like campground right near by, it was cheap enough and not at all full.

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