Friday, June 15, 2012

Fort Nelson to Muncho Lake

From Fort Nelson we started through what the books describe as the most beautiful part of the Alaskan Highway.

For certain it is remote and wilderness like I have never seen before. The road conditions are fine but about 1/3 of the gas stations or lodges along the highway are shut down. I guess people don't take long driving trips as much.

There loss! Wildlife is everywhere like this Stone sheep
Or this Caribou! 

All right near the road! We slow down and even stop to view some of them.

None of them seem all that afraid of cars, and we've only seen 1 or 2 dead as a result of collisions.

This one is taunting me by sticking out his tongue!
The sheep like to lick salt off the road. Here is a cute baby and his mom!
 Great shot of a male Stone Sheep

Even more amazing is that the Milepost book tells you during certain sections to look for animals and bam! there they are.

That was the case for this Moose!

Today's drive was short at about 150 miles and we reached Muncho Lake. 
There are 2 Provincial Campgrounds here and we stop at the first which has space while my brother checks the other which turns out to be full.

We take a waterfront spot which is beautiful, along the lines of things that they show you in Airstream ads.

And it is only $16 of course there aren't any hookups but we are good for a few days on batteries and our water tanks.

It was good we got in early because it is a Friday and the campground fills up except for 1 site by the time we make dinner.  We are far enough north that it never gets dark at night. At 11PM it looks like 6 PM back home in Boston. And even at 3 AM there is still light in the sky.

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