Thursday, June 21, 2012

Muktuk Kennels Visit

Today we drove a bit out of Whitehorse to a long dirt road that lead to Muktuk Kennels. These are sled dogs raised to race in the Yukon Quest a race the same length but more difficult than the Iditarod.
The race isn't as old as the Iditarod but but was started when the Iditarod got a little too big and fancy with cameras all along the route and giant corporate sponsorships.
The dogs were all incredibly friendly and cute specially the puppies and the old timers.
As you can see they love to jump up on their houses and say hello
This old timer has won the Yukon Quest and lived through cancer!
They have over 100 dogs some who have raced in the past will soon race and may never race. They have a great view don't they?

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  1. Do the dogs each live in their own doghouse winter and summer?