Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson

Dawson Creek is the official start of the Alaska-Canada Highway. Here we got our picture taken at the Mile 0 Sign.

The sign was moved from the actual mile 0 as it was in a rotary and created a major traffic problem. Or they moved it to the center of town to get people to shop.... depends who you believe.
After the visit to the sign and a movie about the history of the highway (Which was build in 1942 to protect Alaska during WWII) we got back on the road.

We took a short detour off the current Alaska Highway to a section of the old highway to checkout this bridge. It is constructed entirely of wood, and is the last one remaining on the Alaska Highway. It actually was pretty cool.
Here is my brother and his wife on the bridge.
Here you can see even the road deck is made of wood. I don't know how this thing survives the winter, it probably is closed.
We share the highway with a lot of other RVs and big trucks. Some really big trucks like this triple log truck.

The car shudders a bit when they pass!

I took this picture while we were behind my brother on a long steep section of road.

We have 2-way radios to communicate while driving and coordinate stops for lunch or different things to see.

The drive to Fort Nelson wasn't too bad. We stayed at a campground right in town (tiny town!)

After making some dinner we hit the campgrounds bar/cafe for some homemade Wild-berry Pie and Ice cream. It was good even if the ice cream was just soft serve that they brought in a mug. I guess in Canada they don't do Pie Ala Mode

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