Monday, June 25, 2012

Kings Throne Hike

Today we hiked Kings Throne Trail, it isn't a long hike but has significant elevation gains and some tough terrain.

The hike starts out flat and gradually gets very steep and rocky with a lot (but not enough) switchbacks.
Here we are almost as high as we are going to go and we can see some school buses in the day use area near where we parked for the hike.

Again we hit some snow! Actually here we see a lot more snow once we get to the top of where we are going today.

Here come Al and Reen up the trail! I forget if this is near where it was but someplace around here the trail was very very narrow and the height got to me a bit. Usually my fear of heights doesn't bother me on hikes but at this spot it did.

Oddly on the way down it was totally fine the entire way.
Here we are on the Throne eating lunch! It was terribly windy. The Throne which you can see in later picture is like a saddle surround by a bunch of peaks.

On this hike you can continue up the ridge a little but the wind up there was too much and the almost 2000 feet we already climbed is less than halfway to the top of the ridge. We are at 4200 ft!
This guy joined us for lunch.

Snow in the saddle or cirque of Kings Throne.
The entire hike is only 6 miles round trip but the climb was a lot of work and loose rocks are no fun going up or going down!

This is the view from where those buses were parked. You can see the saddle shape and the place we hiked up which is about 2/3 of the way up that mountain on the left side of the bowl.

We were pretty tired but we went to the Frosty Freeze to get some ice cream before relaxing for the evening. Another hike is planned for tomorrow so we need to rest up!

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