Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Rainy day in Homer!

Yes another rainy day, it would have been nice to get at least once really sunny day in Homer but it doesn't seem to be in the cards.

We hit the street fair and the weather wasn't too bad. We also stopped in to checkout the Homer Library but I didn't take my camera to. It was great brand new building and looked like a good library.

After that we walked the main street of Homer and checked out a few stores.
There was a great little book store but we didn't buy anything as I couldn't remember the book I wanted to read next.

All this supping was on the newer main street so we walked to the Old Downtown which was tiny but also happen to be near the good bakery!

I also checked out a Yurt Manufacturer which was cool. Several local businesses were in Yurts as well.
Funky Suzuki Samurai which had been painted by covering it with chain link fence and spraying it. You find odd things like this in Alaska.

Finally we made it back to the bakery and the rain started coming so we held up there having coffee and snacks and reading the paper. I even did a cross-word puzzle 90% myself with just a little help from Will.

After the rain slowed a bit we walked the short walk back to the car, we had basically done 2 big loops all around homer. It was good to get out and walk around even if the sun never showed up.

For a final tourist thing we drive up to the top of the ridge that overlooks Homer to take some pictures.

Below is a good picture of the spit and surrounding mountains from the overlook point.

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