Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On to Homer

Today's drive isn't too far at all but we got a nice early start. (That is 10 AM BTW)

On the drive we saw Redoubt Volcano across the water.

This was great overlook on a hill, you can clearly see the Homer Spit.

Maxwell got out for a walk and look around but got himself tied up around this scope.
We checked out all the dry campgrounds on the spit and finally picked the one least far out the spit which was more empty.

We parked so our doors faced each other giving us a nice courtyard effect.  
The sun is still our and people are our enjoying the beach and the water.
Here is the view from inside our camper!
Lots of Bald Eagles hangout on the beach and this dog decided he had to go chase them off.
They mate for life so you almost always find a pair of eagles hanging out together.
Will enjoying the beach!
The Spit has big tides and this is lower tide and you can see lots of rocks, clams and barnacles.
Maxwell loves the beach! He scampers around like he is a puppy again and even goes in the water!
From the beach you can see the campers and the glacier across the bay.
We had a nice table and a fire pit with a big log to sit on. Max even was calm enough that we could have him sit outside with us.

I cooked dinner over the fire including a Pork Loin and Brussel Sprouts.

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