Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainy day around Homer Ak

Although I have fallen over a week behind I will try and remember what we did in Homer.

Today was a little overcast and drizzly so we went to the Alaska Sea Life Center.

The Center is a free museum and institution for protecting the water ways.
The museum exhibits weren't that great but we did watch 2 good videos. One on some of the research they carry out and the other on the general area of Alaskan waters around Homer.

There was also great bird watching and we saw these Sandhill Cranes, a mother and two chicks.
The bird watching trail led to the beach so we also walked along the beach for a while until we came to a bakery where we hung-out for some coffee and snacks.
At the bakery I spied this sign for a street faire tomorrow which we plan to hit if the weather is nice enough.

We continue to really enjoy camping on the Home Spit. It is hard not to like the waves and sounds of the ocean. Although it does get pretty chilly in the evening.

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