Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two day entry, Valdez and Chitina

Yesterday the weather wasn't so great so we went to a bunch of the museums in Valdez. This is why we switched to Valdez so it is all working out pretty good.

One museum was basically a couple private collection of things they have collected over the years they lived in Alaska.  It has some interesting things but it wasn't very big.

The Valdez museum was pretty cool and one of my favorite things was a menu from a restaurant way back in the day, the funny thing was other than the prices it had all the same menu items you might find at a modern steakhouse.

Today we left Valdez and headed back to Wrangell St Elias National Park.  This was a railway tunnel that never got a railroad. It was hand cut as an incentive to get the railroad.
This time we stopped to do the walk at the Glacier, no that isn't us going up the ice, it is a real tour group.

The glacier has shrunk a lot but it still pretty impressive. But in Alaska there is a Glacier ever where you look.

Better shot of the glacier, before it melted and shrunk over the last 50 or so years that pond would have been covered with ice.

Finally we found our little campground in Chitina, it is pretty over grown but the price is right as is the location. This is the Copper river that runs past Chitina, in the river is lots of Salmon! Everyone we talk to (everywhere on the trip) asks if we are going fishing, they always seem shocked when we say no.

There is a 4th of July Pig Roast in Chitina but we don't feel like crashing the tiny town's party. There is pretty much 2 saloons, a tiny hotel and 3 tiny stores.

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